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THE FAIRVIEW PROJECT, by Sara Sharpe. FAIRVIEW is a three-part documentary/docudrama which seeks to catalyze a dialogue between liberal America and conservative America about the issues affecting our country's future. "The Fairview Project is a beautiful collection of stories, which sets the project apart and draws people in in a way that's non threatening. Stories are essential for us to reweave the fabric of our national community. Once we start sharing our stories in a deep way in a safe place, anything is possible..." Read More HERE

Joan Blades, Co-founder of


VOICES OF NASHVILLE: A PLAY ABOUT THE IMMIGRATION EXPERIENCE, by Sara Sharpe and Christine Mather. "What really strikes me is the way this earnest production balances heavier themes with humor. Amidst horrific tales of violence, brutality and broken families, we find amusing bits of culture shock ranging from the weather to the wonders of peanut butter. And through it all, we hear the voices of these new Americans, ringing out with strength, resilience and courage." Voices of Nashville is sponsored by HCA/TriStar Health and funded in part by Nissan FoundationTennessee Arts Commission and Metro Nashville Arts Commission. Read More HERE

The Tennessean

BROADAXE THEATRE: NASHVILLE'S MOST POLITICAL THEATRE, co-founded by Sara Sharpe and singer-songwriter Steve Earle, with director Gaye Jeffers and award-winning actor Jeff Atkins. "These are serious and talented people. Attention must be paid." Read More HERE

Kevin Nance, The Tennessean


FESTIVE EVOLUTION Art and Change-making in the 21st Century, founded by artist/activist Sara Sharpe, and the main hub of Sara's work: In which artists give voice to the voiceless and inspire audiences, large or small, to participate actively in bringing about necessary social and political change. Fest Ev introduces EVEolution. Read More HERE

DEFEND NASHVILLE: From 2015 - 2017, Sara - officially putting Festive Evolution and The Arete Initiative on hold - served as Communication Coordinator for the Nashville Public Defender's Office. There, she conceived of, designed, and implemented a multi-pronged campaign designed to educate the Nashville Community about the injustices plaguing our criminal justice system, and to bring about needed reform in Nashville and beyond. With Chief PD Dawn Deaner at the helm, the aggressive campaign included a Speaking Tour, Listening Tour, Court Watch program, and Participatory Defense group. The campaign, replete with a new Nashville Defenders logo and re-branding effort, was predicated on the idea that any re-branding effort must be earned. To that end, the office instituted an internal communication effort in addition to the external one. That effort included bi-monthly Office Culture meetings, ongoing implicit bias training, the implementation of a Client Advisory Board and renewed focus on client-centered representation. Read More HERE


THE ARETE INSTITUTE: an intensive, one to three-month coaching program founded by certified Life Coach Sara Sharpe. ARETE celebrates and increases our capacity to change the world—starting with our own lives. "Participating in Arete is a transformational experience.  Often programs will focus on one area; health or just life plan or spiritual practice; Arete throws it all on the table... The program focuses on the whole person so that we can show up as our whole selves and our best selves in the world. I feel more calm, organized and am living on purpose.  My husband has commented how great I am doing and look...participating in Arete has even enhanced our relationship and how I connect with him and my girls.  I now prioritize my self care." Read More HERE


Elisa Parker, Arete Initiative participant













Sara has recently relocated to her hometown, Chattanooga, TN

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Interview starts at 4:58

Sara Sharpe initiatives
Art and change-making
in the 21st Century 

Festive Evolution has long recognized the power artists have to tell the stories that most need to be told, give voice to the voiceless, and inspire audiences, large or small, to participate actively in bringing about necessary social and

political change.




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The ARETE Institute presents
The ARETE Initiative for Women

"One of the most ambitious coaching programs for women in the country." Holistic Life coach Sara Sharpe launched the ARETE INSTITUTE in 2013. The INSTITUTE is founded on the principal that all people deserve an opportunity to live up to their full potential, and that people of relative privilege have a responsibility to do so. 


Artist, activist and social entrepreneur for over two decades, Sara Sharpe has created a vast body of work that meets at the intersection of art and change-making, with  particular focus on women and the global women's movement. She is a playwright, award winning actor, and certified life/communication coach. Her current work, STILL/WILD, is an ongoing look at the dual importance of STILLNESS in the form of a rugged and regular contemplative practice, and WILDNESS in the form of fierce and unyielding change-making. 



Sara Sharpe

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